Enhanced User Experience

With the ability to log in from anywhere, and on any device, the client portal has been designed to be as user friendly on a phone as it is on a PC. Users will be greeted with a dashboard showing all the headline figures they want to see along with easy to read, great looking graphs and charts giving them a concise overview without having to look through tables of data.


The client portal requires hardly any human intervention, allowing redeployment of back-office staff, thus freeing them up for more important tasks. Out of the box the client portal can process files of a specified format, via manual upload, or by automatically picking up files from a data feed via FTP. Data import will not be strictly limited to these options however, and we will be happy to implement a solution that best suits your company.

Multi-layered User Roles

Different views for different users; investment managers can view any of their own client’s valuations, documents and dashboard. IFA and SIPP providers get their own dashboard summarising all of the accounts under their management. They can also view their client's assets under management, documents and client web pages. Administration staff can manage and configure the client portal; from user management to uploading data files and defining tolerances. Administration staff also have the ability of viewing the application as users, in order to assist them with technical advice.

Your end users or "clients" are greeted by the dashboard which gives them an overview of their total portfolio, with widgets showing; total value, change since the previous day, change since the last login and estimated income. The dashboard then summaries their portfolio with various graphs and charts.

IFA functionality

The client portal can be configured for IFA users. IFAs have their own dashboard which gives them an overview of all the accounts they manage. This dashboard is visually similar to the client dashboard, having its own widgets and graphs showing IFA specific data. IFAs can also view all of their client's AUM individually, as their client's would, by being able to view their documents, valuations and dashboard. This means less communication is needed between your investment managers and IFAs. With an option to white label the client portal for IFA users and their clients, they will see the client portal branded with the IFAs own logos and colour schemes making for an enhanced experience for the end users.

Configurable Valuations

Your clients will not only be able to view current and historical valuations of individual accounts and their entire portfolio, but unlike a pdf or printed valuation all the data is sortable, non-essential columns can be toggled on or off and all the holdings can be grouped by the stock classifications you define. This gives complete control to your customers to decide how they would like their valuations to look, making it that bit more personal and ultimately, more useful. All configuration is retained when printed and when exported as a pdf.

Document Repository

If the dashboard and valuations aren’t enough, there is a built in document repository so that any other documents can be made available to your clients, such as their Tax Reports and statements. This makes the client portal great for storing all your client documentation in one place. With all your clients' documentation available on the client portal there will be less need for clients to tie up your investment managers.

Branding and Colour Scheme

The client portals colour scheme and branding can be customised to match your corporate website, seamlessly integrating with your existing web presence. The client portal can even be branded separately for your IFA users and their clients.


We know you customer's data is sensitive, and with a lot of high profile attacks making the headlines, we know it is of utmost importance to you and your clients. We take every precaution possible to protect your client's data, from simply requiring strong passwords from the users and encrypting user sessions, to actively defending against numerous hacking techniques. We take security very seriously.

Data Sanity Check

All client data is sanity checked before being imported and portfolio stock data will be validated against configurable tolerance levels. Email notifications will be sent out whenever data doesn't conform to these levels in order for it to be further inspected. For example, should a security stop pricing an automated notification will advise you of such. This allows for rectification prior to it being noticed by your client.


Ultimately this is just an example of what iSoftware Solutions can provide. If you are not happy with all the features on the dashboard, want additional charts or widgets, or you don't think the portal provides every feature you need, that is not a problem. iSoftware Solutions specialise in tailor made software that meets your exact business needs. We're more than happy to discuss your requirements with no obligation to buy.

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